Three Ways Caribbean Companies Can Revamp Their Supply Chain Process

Sep 26, 2022 | Supply Chain

A properly functioning supply chain is vital to running a business in the Caribbean. If you don’t have the products you need to run your business, you cannot operate, and you cannot grow.

These three tips will help your supply chain team save your company money and reduce the stress of acquiring the products needed to run your business.

1: Streamline Your Vendors

Having access to thousands of vendors is a blessing and a curse. It means you can acquire every product you need to operate your business. It also means you are ordering and receiving products from thousands of vendors. This volume of vendors can become a logistical nightmare.

Finding suppliers that can provide you with products from multiple vendors can help reduce this chaos. Instead of dealing with one thousand vendors, you now only deal with a handful. This streamlined approach can help reduce receiving errors, improve ordering efficiency, and save your facility significant money.

2: Become an expert at finding product alternatives

When a regularly ordered product is unavailable or is discontinued, your supply chain team is forced to react and find an alternative. Having a process to reduce the time it takes to find alternative products will save your company countless valuable hours.

Supply chain teams should work with department heads to make sure the alternative product

  • meets the product specification requirements the previous product had
  • works in conjunction with any other possible product involved in the process
  • is readily available for current and future purchases

3: Find a reliable US Based Partner

Finding a reliable US-based supply chain partner can help eliminate the company’s unnecessary problems when ordering and receiving products. Their expertise and capabilities can significantly upgrade your team’s supply chain.

Your US-based supply chain partner should not only help you acquire the products you need to operate your business. They should also help your team reduce quality control errors, save money on shipping costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your supply chain team.

Most Caribbean and Latin American companies struggle to acquire the products needed to grow and efficiently run their business. Alternative Exports helps these companies purchase and receive these products on time, undamaged, and in their entirety. Click here to schedule a call with Alternative Exports.

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