Reduce Your Purchasing Chaos

Let the team at Alternative Exports help you reduce the chaos and efficiently purchase and receive the products you need to run your Caribbean and Latin American based business.

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Increased Research Capabilities
Alternative Exports uses its extensive database and network of manufacturers and distributors to find the product you need to operate your business. This results in:

  • Improved product pricing
  • Comparable product alternatives when backorders occur
  • Time saved for your purchasing department

Efficient Purchasing Operations
Our team handles all aspects of your company’s purchasing operations. This results in a more efficient process that saves your company money. Our services include:

  • Consolidated billing and invoicing
  • Multi-level tracking of all purchase orders
  • Handling all necessary returns and credits
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Improve Your Quality Assurance

An inaccurate or damaged shipment can cost your company valuable time and money. Our team prioritizes quality assurance for every order we place on your behalf.

Our team of professionals:

  • Continuously communicates with you to provide accurate information on product availability
  • Monitors the progress of your order to make sure your delivery arrives on time
  • Hand inspects all products to ensure proper part numbers, quantities, colors, and sizes are shipped
  • Prepares each pallet to withstand potential theft and harsh weather conditions


Save Money with Consolidated Shipping

Purchasing and receiving products from the U.S. can become expensive for Caribbean and Latin American based companies.

Our team unpacks, inspects, repacks, and labels each shipment for the customer. All boxes are then palletized according to weight and secured for shipment. This consolidation process reduces the overall weight and volume, saving your company money.

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Streamline Your Shipping Operations

Arranging the shipping logistics for all your orders can become a logistical nightmare. The team at Alternative Exports handles all aspects of your shipping logistics. Our team will:

  • Arrange shipping of your pallets to your freight forwarder
  • Prepare all necessary shipping and customs documents

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