Save Your Caribbean Hospital Money by Streamlining Your Purchasing Options

Jul 29, 2022 | Purchasing

Having access to thousands of vendors is a blessing and a curse. It means you can acquire every product you need to operate your business. It also means you are ordering and receiving products from thousands of vendors. This volume of vendors can become a logistical nightmare.

Streamlining your purchasing options will help optimize your supply chain team and save your facility money.

Find Suppliers Who Work with Multiple Vendors

Working with thousands of vendors can quickly become overwhelming for a hospital supply chain team.

Finding suppliers that can provide you with products from multiple vendors can help reduce the chaos. Instead of one thousand vendors, you now only deal with a handful who handle all the logistics for you. This streamlined approach can help reduce receiving errors, improve ordering efficiency, and save your facility significant money.

Find Suppliers Who Have Purchasing Power

Hospitals often think that ordering directly from the manufacturer is cheaper. This may be the case in certain situations, but manufacturers usually prefer suppliers with greater purchasing power and better prices.

Finding an established supplier who frequently purchases products in your field can save your facility money. They can negotiate for better prices on your behalf and reduce the stress of shopping around for the most cost-effective solution.

Find suppliers who handle problems for you

Upgrading your supply chain is only worth it if you improve efficiencies and reduce the stress of ordering and receiving the products you need to operate your hospital.

Finding a supplier that acts as a supply chain partner and handles problems on your behalf will reduce quality control errors and improve the overall efficiency of your supply chain team. You should find a supplier who offers

  • Product inspection before export to your country
  • Order consolidation
  • Logistics handling and order updates

Most Caribbean and Latin American companies struggle to acquire the products needed to grow and efficiently run their business. Alternative Exports helps these companies purchase and receive these products on time, undamaged, and in their entirety. Click here to schedule a call with Alternative Exports.

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