3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Exporter

Jul 29, 2022 | Exports

Comprehensive Experience

Obtaining products from outside your region can quickly become complicated and frustrating. Instead of working with a traditional freight forwarder, consider opting for a partner with experience overseeing all steps of the procurement process. Your ideal partner is a U.S. based exporter with a stellar reputation and strong history of efficient global sourcing. This assures peace of mind every step of the way.

The Unseen Steps of a First Class Exporter graphic

Excellent Customer Service

Your supply chain is only as strong as your purchasing partners, which means top quality service makes a world of difference. Look for a solution-focused exporter that takes time to understand the struggles and goals of your business. Your ideal partner will act as an advocate, assistant, and quality control assistant all wrapped up into one. P.S. Don’t be shy, ask for peer references!


Maintaining a roster of exporters can quickly cost your business more time and money than you bargained for. Your ideal exporter’s niche isn’t in a single industry, but in running the show from “PO sent” to “package delivered”.  Look for an exporter that can serve as a one-stop shop for all your supply chain needs, rather than a niche exporter that can only ship a certain type of product.

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