Three Reasons Your Latin American Business Needs to Outsource Supply Chain Quality Control to The U.S.

Jul 29, 2022 | Supply Chain

Learning how to outsource your supply chain quality control to the United States will save your Latin American business money and eliminate stress.

Your supply chain team is wasting valuable time (and money) receiving hundreds to thousands of products every day from different vendors across the globe. Relying on a U.S.-based partner to handle your order logistics, product inspection, and consolidation will drastically improve your supply chain quality control.

Too Many Vendors Can Cause a Logistics Nightmare:

Ordering and receiving products from hundreds of vendors is a logistical nightmare. There is not enough time in the day for your team to properly track and inspect every product coming into your facility. This is how mistakes happen.

A US-based supply chain partner handles this for you. Instead of dealing with one hundred vendors, you now only deal with one. That vendor acquires the products you need and handles all the supply chain nightmares on your behalf. Instead of wondering when or if a product will show up, you now receive up-to-date reports on what products you’re receiving and when they arrive at your facility.

Damaged or Missing Products Will Bring a Project to a Halt: 

Your team is forced to react when a product needed to complete a task arrives damaged. This error becomes even more significant when the replacement product takes three weeks to arrive at your facility.

U.S.-based product inspection is vital for companies looking to operate efficiently in Latin America. Companies that work with U.S.-based supply chain partners reduce the chance of products showing up damaged or missing. The supply chain partner caught and handled these issues before the product even left the U.S.

Receiving Individual Products is Costing You Time: 

Your supply chain team continuously deals with a stream of individual packages coming into your facility every day. This barrage of packages creates a receiving nightmare that may result in shipments being forgotten or misplaced

Working with a U.S.-based supply chain partner consolidating your packages into one cohesive shipment improves receiving efficiency and reduces errors. Companies that partner with these groups significantly improve their supply chain quality control and save their facilities money.

Most Caribbean and Latin American companies struggle to acquire the products needed to grow and efficiently run their business. Alternative Exports helps these companies purchase and receive these products on time, undamaged, and in their entirety. Click here to schedule a call with Alternative Exports.

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